Hi I'm Sarah!

I am equal parts dance party starter, maestro of harmonizing logistics and party-thrower extraordinaire. I’m also a big fan of cooking, being outdoors, music music music, kombucha, and surrounding myself with people.

I have been doing events in Santa Barbara for over 3 years, working with other planners and creatives alike. After graduating from UCSB with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, I decided to put my people skills, love for art and storytelling into something bigger than myself and I took the solo leap with Vibe Tribe Events & Design Co!

I've lived in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara, you could say I got bitten by the creative bug early on. I love all three cities for totally different reasons, and this can be seen in my own personal style. I'm passionate about pushing the envelope with punches of color, unexpected textures, bold patterns and innovative lighting. I love taking chill sophistication and infusing it with the wild spirit of nature, and can't help but obsess over contemporary elements! I'm always finding wow-worthy ways to incorporate sprawling greens and lush florals into a modern design aesthetic.

Whether your style is breathtakingly bold, exquisitely elegant or charmingly chic, I'll carefully curate every element of your vision to make sure it shines (and you do too). By putting our heads and hearts together, we’ll create an ambiance that feels like you, from the reception with an ocean view to the bubble send-off that reflects your playful side.

Plus, having Vibe Tribe to catch those ever-growing to-dos from falling through the cracks will ensure no logistical snags or timeline hiccups make a guest appearance at your event. Because we know you’ve got better things to be doing than chasing down details or stressing over schedules, like owning that dance floor and partying your heart out!

I believe that when it’s time to celebrate, you deserve to experience the joy of bringing friends and family together without the pressure of organizing timelines, weeding through vendors or accounting for every last detail.

And that’s where my expertise can help.


Frequently Asked Questions

Planning an event includes a lot of details and with that comes a lot of questions! Below is a link to some of our most frequently asked questions!